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Farm fresh pure cow and buffalo milk 100 % natural, Fresh Cow & Buffalo Milk, Farm to Home

Desi Doodh’s milk comes from large Hi Tech farms where milk quality means farm hygiene, cattle comfort, their feed quality, automated milking process and a comprehensive testing process.


Farm Fresh Pure Milk Our milk comes from our large Hi Tech dairy farms where entire process like feeding, milking etc is automated and milk gets delivered within 36 hours of milking to our customers. We are not collecting milk from individual farmers where the quality can not be assured.

Our Quality Parameters Besides scientific testing process where our milk is tested on more than 70 parameters at different stages, we make sure our cattle are stress free, high quality of feed is given to them and no injections are given to them to boost their productivity.

Pasteurising & Maintaining Cold Chain We pasteurised milk and maintaining milk at 3°C to improves shelf life and prevents increase in bacteria counts. We maintain the milk cold chain immediately after the milking is done till it reaches to our customers.

No Contact, Free Home Delivery Our farm fresh products are delivered to customer doorstep every morning with no extra cost. We follow no contact delivery process where our delivery partners drop off the product in a bag hanging outside the gate of our customer.

User Friendly Mobile App Our mobile app is user friendly, customers subscribes once and we keep delivering everday. User can change their next day orders till 12 AM, easy payment options and billing process.

200+ Happy Customers We have more than 20000 customers in Bihar who are enjoining our pure and fresh products everyday.

Cow Milk – Glass Bottle


100% Pure Farm fresh milk! Note: Please return empty bottles next day.

Premium packing in Glass Bottle, our farm fresh & pure cow milk delivered to customer doorsteps within few hours of milking. Our milk comes from our own & associated Hi Tech dairy farms where we make sure cattle comfort, farm hygiene, and cattle health. Nutritionist recommended feed is given to our cattle to make sure high nutrient milk. Our milk passes multi level testing before it reaches to our customers.

Buffalo Milk – Glass Bottle

Natural & Pure Murrah Buffalo Milk

Fresh and Pure Buffalo milk produced by our indigenous breed Murrah sourced from Hi Tech Dairy farms reaches to you in natural form every morning. Creamy and high protein buffalo milk goes thru several testing before it reaches to our customers. Also, we don’t add any preservatives or additives or cream etc. Natural buffalo milk is high source of Calcium and Potassium.

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